 Led design and construction of a $4.5MM state of the art technical lab and pilot facilities for latex and synthetic glove development.  Developed and successfully implemented R&D portion of acquisition strategy for the SafeSkin Corporation acquisition, a $600MM company, into Kimberly-Clark. Suzy Live1-on-1, in-depth, online interviews with the audiences you care about most. Choose from a series of great email briefings, whether that’s daily news, weekly recaps or deep dives into media or creative. Arla’s Lactofree Organic Semi Skimmed Milk Drink won in the dairy alternative category and Herbalife Nutrition Tri-Blend Select took first place in the nutritional supplements category. Contributor Network Latest insights, case studies and news from agencies, tech vendors, freelancers and other organisations.

It involves continuing to survey target markets, generating and iterating products based on the results, and validating iterations against what is product innovation control and competitive products. And most newer more “agile” offerings don’t do a good job at measuring your customers’ actual behavior.

Leadership Issues for 2022: Labor challenges, supply chain disruptions and emerging consumer trends – webinar – Natural Products INSIDER

Leadership Issues for 2022: Labor challenges, supply chain disruptions and emerging consumer trends – webinar.

Posted: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Our team used qualitative home immersion research to understand how the product line was used in the home of untapped markets and found unmet needs in this market segment. Research indicated the demographic group had great potential value for the brand, but current communications were not meeting the needs of the segment. One key finding was that home fragrance users are looking for more fragrance options within a product category over wanting more home fragrance product types. Cardboard packs and paper bags have replaced single-use plastics and the most successful companies are making a feature of their push for sustainability.

How Can You Develop Your Product For Success?

It only gives its famous red seal of approval to the very best products each year, as voted by 40,000 consumers nationwide. Product of the Year guides busy shoppers towards the best products on the market, rewarding innovation and quality alongside relevance to the consumer. Of course, innovation is an ever-changing game, but over the years, some key themes have emerged among Product of the Year’s top-winning products. Valvoline has been named 2018 Product of the Year in the Car Care Category for its recently launched Easy Pour Bottle. /PRNewswire/ — Product of the Year USA, the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, proudly announces the 41 winners of the 2021 Product of the Year Awards. Chosen by 40,000 American shoppers in a national survey conducted by Kantar, a global leader in consumer research, each of the winning products has been awarded as the most innovative in their category by Product of the Year. While connected packaging reinforces the purchase of the same products, when consumers are looking for new products, many turn to search engines and social media.

consumer survey of product innovation

Asking a research participant to directly predict their behaviors in response to a brand, claim or ingredient is known to be a poor predictor of actual behavior. By gaining deep insights into the motivations, emotions and purchasing behaviors of your consumers. When you target consumer “moments”, it helps provide the context to rapidly learn via co-creation, co-design, implicit, and hybrid testing. Over the past few months, the consumer landscape has changed dramatically. Home baking; ambitious fitness goals; healthier eating and a willingness to try new things has characterised life in lockdown for many. And amidst grappling with a ‘new normal’ and negotiating the prevailing uncertainty – it is the true innovators that have shone brightest. Consumer products that continue to provide us with comfort, reassurance and positivity – the products we rely on.

Consumer Technology Overview

The air care segment is crowded with many brands and product types available, and consumer usage and attitudes about fragrance in the home can vary widely depending on many factors. Using the route of much stronger associations, Product of the Year has significantly strengthened its proposition, making it more compelling and appealing to product teams across the board.

When a consumer is at the store, they can pull up their smartphone app to see how much product is left in the container. Or, most crucial for safety, connected medication packaging can tell consumers if they’ve already taken their medicine for the day. Retailers are another player interested in the consumer insights connected packaging can provide to elevate BOPIS and omnichannel offerings.

Expert In New Product Innovation And Commercialization: B2b And Consumer Products

Perhaps the greatest prize for brands is the iconic Product of the Year logo that winning products earn the right to carry on their packaging. Bold, red and uniquely recognizable, the logo acts as a beacon to shoppers on busy supermarket shelves as an assurance of a product’s quality, leading to a 10-15% sales uplift. While virtually all companies in the world pursue “innovation” as a key driver of growth, very few are actually creating new business offerings. However, in a recent analysis we conducted across 44 leading consumer product companies, representing over $900 billion in revenue, we found that a small number of them are driving disproportionate performance from consumer product innovation. Based on this insight, we set out to understand what separates innovation leaders from everyone else, and analyze what these leaders are doing to drive greater returns from innovation. Beyond the convenience of knowing what you need and when, connected packaging can also help create a personalized consumer experience. Sensors and digital displays on food or medication packaging can provide consumers with specific best-buy dates and recall information.

consumer survey of product innovation

Shoppers nationwide can also enter to win all 41 winning products in a Product of the Year sweepstakes hosted in partnership with Daily Mail TV. For more details, visit the Product of the Year Instagram page, here. Kawasaki asked customers to suggest improvements to its Jet Ski stand-up recreational water-craft. They requested side padding for more comfortable standing—never dreaming of a seated craft. Free Agile Research eBookDownload to learn how to create an always-on approach to market research. In-Home Usage TestsLaunch in-home usage tests to test your product with consumers.

A new methodology for capturing customer input promises to galvanize the innovation process.  Technology leader of Air Filtration Media business with KC – Developed ground breaking new filter media used by major consumer products companies, e.g. 3M and Lowes, achieving double-digit annual sales growth every year. During this webinar, hear the latest insights gleaned from IRI’s New Product Pacesetters™ study, an annual industry-recognized benchmark analysis of newly-launched CPG products that have achieved exceptional first-year sales. These brands are textbook examples of innovation done right and show what consumers want and need from CPG brands.

  • The company also planned to enact plans to bring innovation to their product line in relation to fragrance options that would both appeal to customers and build the foundation for a long-term brand differentiation strategy.
  • Their answers will transform your innovation from serendipity into rigorous discipline.
  • Arla’s Lactofree Organic Semi Skimmed Milk Drink won in the dairy alternative category and Herbalife Nutrition Tri-Blend Select took first place in the nutritional supplements category.
  • Continue iterating until you’re outperforming benchmarks, then you’ve hit the sweet spot.
  • Using the route of much stronger associations, Product of the Year has significantly strengthened its proposition, making it more compelling and appealing to product teams across the board.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert researcher, Suzy™ helps you make better, faster, more data-driven decisions. Our platform combines advanced research tools with the highest quality audience to deliver trusted insights in minutes. Launching new products is never a one-step process as consumer packaged goods marketers begin with several, even dozens, of ideas that are vetted and tested with target consumers.

Augmented reality layers images over the real world, giving it far more potential applications. Some AR devices are already on the market, but widespread adoption has been held back by the cost and, frankly, the oddity of head-mounted wearables. (Remember Google Glass?) Then Niantic introduced Pokémon Go, an AR game that uses a device nearly all of us already own, and virtually overnight an emerging technology went mainstream. 1 Leaders are defined as the top 30 percent of companies with the highest innovation scores based on findings from Deloitte’s Consumer Product’s Innovation Index, 2016; Laggards are the bottom 30 percent. This fusing of this shopper/consumer and product knowledge comes together through a set of prototyping activities informed by co-design. In the summer of 2021, Ecologic, Powered by Jabil, launched the Eco.bottle, a substitute for the traditional single-use water bottle made from a combination of paper and plastic. The bottle uses 70% less plastic overall, and a unique tear strip separates the paper and plastic components for simple, proper recycling.

In 2019, Instagram first introduced the option to buy products directly from your feed, a tool that has only grown with the introduction of the app’s «shopping» tab. Between Instagram shopping, Facebook Shops and TikTok’s new partnership with Shopify, it’s quite simple to learn about a product and purchase it without ever closing out of a social networking app. Additionally, connected packaging comes as a system of durable, reusable containers and refill products shipped directly to consumers with less extraneous packaging —making it more sustainable overall than traditional packaging. One example of refillable connected packaging is device and consumable systems. Millennials, individuals between the ages of 25 and 36, are pushing the most for sustainable packaging. About 60% of them tell PwC that they intentionally buy products made with sustainable packaging or support companies that are environmentally conscious. Generally speaking, customers can say what they want if they are asked to make selections within a familiar product category.

For consumers looking to make more sustainable packaging choices, it’s often the digital world — with its array of eco-friendly products and enabling of connected packaging — that they turn to for options. The online world has entered the real-life packaging discussion for consumers in a huge way. There’s lots of opportunity in the connected packaging space for CPG brands. People tend to prefer repeated stimuli to new stimuli, explaining why they tend to choose the product they’ve seen or heard about most often when they approach the store shelf. If the «store» becomes their own home, they’re going to choose the product they already have to reduce the number of choices they have to make in their day.

consumer survey of product innovation

What customer, for example, would have asked for the microwave oven, Velcro, or Post-It Notes? At the time the transistor was being developed, radio and television manufacturers were still requesting improved vacuum tubes. “In this day and age, consumers are more informed, and conscious, they look at the product, they touch it, they read the label, they research it online and read reviews. Use product mockups to conduct product testing on the packaging, messaging, logos, website design, digital marketing, creative ad concepts, pricing, branding, new product prototypes, and more. This allows you to base future iterations on methodical research and real feedback. Successful launches don’t just identify and profile customers, they learn to understand their every need and provide them with a solution before they’ve even asked for it.

Together our companies have formed a strategic alliance to provide CPG clients with a turnkey product development methodology called CRAEVS . CRAEVS development operations is fast, efficient, flexible, and cost effective, and specifically designed to create or improve products in disruptive new categories.

“Better-for-you” snacking products are an obvious choice to meet consumers’ health needs. Innovation Our passion for developing exciting, award-winning products drives our culture of constant innovation. By knowing how consumers use their products, CPG brands can send tailored offers and information. For example, sensors could pick up that a box of baking soda is kept in a cold environment, not a room-temperature cabinet. The insight that the baking soda is being used to help keep the refrigerator smelling fresh might trigger a brand to send that consumer offers for cleaning products, not recipes for baked goods.


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